If you are a frequent traveller (or even if you are not), chances are you have had to spend a night (or more if you are unlucky enough) in a terrible apartment. It’s definitely an experience you do not want to relieve, so we came up with a list of five things you should look out for when choosing a hotel or short-let apartment in Lagos.


Before you book a hotel or apartment, there would have been previous users or customers of those places. As you would be booking online, it’s always preferable you check reviews from previous users. The good thing is we have a very good Google rating if you check us out.


it is important to note that location is paramount before you choose a hotel. For some, it is proximity to the airports or business places as the case may be, for others, it would be the tourists’ attraction surrounding the accommodation areas. Our apartments’ locations are at Victoria Island, Lekki and Lakowe on the island part of Lagos and have beautiful resorts and tourist centres around.


You definitely shouldn’t be choosing an apartment or hotel you cannot afford to pay for.


Amenities are very important in hotels. They play a vital role in how comfortable your stay in a hotel would be. Basic amenities like room services and housekeeping are provided by many hotels. Some hotels also provide gym and spa services and most hotels also provide Wi-Fi and basic internet access to customers. These amenities differ according to hotels. We provide amenities such as Wi-Fi, airport pick-up, gym, to mention a few.

Room sizes

A less spacious and smaller room size would not give you a total feel of comfort like you want. Select room sizes that you feel very convenient with

To save you the hassle you can simply choose us. All our apartments are setup to exceed your expectation boasting the very best in furniture, design and amenities. Couple that with our impeccable support and personalization options and you’d never get a better value for money or better experience of comfort.

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